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If vintage fly reels from Anson, Fin Nor, Fowler, Hewitt, Meek, Philbrook, Bogdan, Paine Walker, Zwarg and Vom Hofe are your thing, you've come to the right place. Fowler Period, the website of Jim Fowler, long-time fly fisherman and fly reel collector, shows off vintage fly reels and fly fishing photos from trips he and his friends and family have taken over a lifetime.

Look through scores of classic and vintage fly reels in Jim Fowlers' Classic and Vintage Reels Gallery. Travel with him to exotic fly fishing destinations such as the Gaula River in Norway; the Grand Cascapedia; Belize; Sun Valley, Idaho; and more. And if you love classic fly fishing rods, be sure to check out Jim Fowler's Classic Bamboo Fly Rods gallery. Once you're done, be sure to stop by the Guided Fly Fishing page to learn more about how you can join Jim Fowler in person to fish Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Large Mouth Bass.

And, finally, keep in mind that if you own classic or vintage fly reels, gut eye flies, fly cabinets, fly vices, and/or fly rods, contact Jim Fowler as he's always in the market to expand his collection.

View these stunning galleries!

Town and Country Magazine Photos from August 2011

Russian & American Art Gallery

The Amy Roop photo gallery:
bonefishing and atlantic salmon fishing

Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Gaula River
in Norway, June 2007

Atlantic Salmon on the Grand Cascapedia Gallery
Download Grand Cascapedia Video

Classic Bamboo Fly Rods
by Garrison, Hawes, Leonard, Orvis, Payne,
Thomas and Thomas, Winston, and Uslan

The Blue Horizon Lodge (Belize) Gallery

Sun Valley Idaho Gallery

The Lower Dean River Lodge Gallery

Saltwater Gallery

Atlantic Salmon Journal: Winter 2010 Issue


  • Rare vintage fly reels, and classic bamboo rods and salmon flies, and classic 19th century American art.
  • Top prices paid.
  • Single Pieces or Entire Collections for Our Fly Reel Collection
  • Reels by the Following Makers:
    Anson, Bogdan, Fin Nor Wedding Cake, Fowler, Hewitt, Meek, Philbrook and Paine, Seamaster, Vom Hofe, Walker, Zwarg
  • Vintage Gut Eye Flies
  • Fly Cabinets
  • Vintage Fly Vices
  • 19th Century American Paintings
  • Classic Bamboo Fly Rods by the Following Makers:
    Garrison, Hawes, Leonard, Orvis, Payne, Thomas and Thomas, Winston, and Uslan
Classic and Vintage Reels Gallery

Gut Eyed Feather Wing Salmon Galleries
Volume IVolume IIVolume IIIVolume IV

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