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Take another moment to enjoy this Classic & Vintage reels slideshow.
Again, be patient for what might be a long download.

Classic and Vintage Reels Gallery

Gut Eyed Feather Wing Salmon Galleries
Volume IVolume IIVolume IIIVolume IV

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And be sure to view these other stunning galleries!
Town & Country Magazine Photos from August 2011
The Amy Roop photo gallery:
bonefishing and atlantic salmon fishing
Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Gaula River
in Norway, June 2007

Atlantic Salmon on the Grand Cascapedia Gallery
Download Grand Cascapedia Video

Classic Bamboo Fly Rods
by Garrison, Hawes, Leonard, Orvis, Payne,
Thomas and Thomas, Winston, and Uslan
The Blue Horizon Lodge (Belize) Gallery
Sun Valley Idaho Gallery
The Lower Dean River Lodge Gallery
Saltwater Gallery
"Our Friends" Gallery
Atlantic Salmon Journal: Winter 2010 Issue